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Region: Lichentia
Motto: "klaatu Barada Nikto"
Map: None
Language|Official Language(s): Bandaloonian
Capital: Bandaloon city
Population: 1.857 billion
Currency: Emigrette
Leader: Bandaloon mining guild
Stats: NSEconomy Pipian XML
Bandaloon joined nationstates on july 19th, 2006. Soon thereafter, he joined Liberalia. On August 6th of the same year, he joined the offsite forum of Liberalia.

In late august 2006 Bandaloon became secretary of health under prime minister Fernetti. At about the same time, he co-founded the Unrecognized Nations and Peoples. In october 2006 he was named the last general secretary of the Unrecognized Nations and Peoples. He was also awarded a medal in recruitment for winning recruitment week. In November, Bandaloon was appointed secretary of recruitment. He also became a dual-citizen, a citizen of both liberalia and Lichentia. Currently, Bandaloon remains a dual-citizen and an active member of liberalia. He is also minister of recruitment.

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